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Advertising with a promo truck in Dubai

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Posted on 2018-October-10

Advertisers need to explore new market segments each time they put out a message. Marketers hunt on easy and affordable ways to innovate and advertise in Dubai. But finding an advertising tool that targets your audience as well as is cost-effective can be hard.

Advertising with the help of promo truck in Dubai can help marketers and advertisers to reach the target in the most inexpensive and inventive ways.

Promo truck in Dubai for advertising purposes are growing fast and are ideal in events. Companies make use of promo trucks in Dubai not only to advertise across the town but also for product sale and brand promotions. Dubai promo trucks can also be used for fitting out mobile boutiques or shop-on-wheels.

The options are plenty went you decide to advertise with Shura Advertising’s promo truck in Dubai.

Here are some of the ways you can advertise and use a promo truck in Dubai:

Mobile billboard

Advertising at Sheikh Zayed Road or Dubai Marina can cost you millions of dirhams, but Shura Advertising’s promo tuck will only cost you a few thousands. Use a mobile billboard or promo truck in Dubai to reach the most prominent locations across the city.

Brand Promotions

Whether it is a brand opening, branding tours or a product launch – promo trucks can deliver the message. Shura Advertising’s promo truck in Dubai are carefully designed to obtain maximum efficacy in terms of appearance and communication. We ensure that the brands are promoted without losing sight of practical requirements.

Trade shows

Use the promo trucks in Dubai during trade shows. This is a great way to display your brand on the LED screen or play videos during the trade shows. Shura Advertising can also change the creatives displayed on the promo truck instantly for each day of the trade show.

Corporate events

Digitally equipped promo trucks in Dubai are also perfect for corporate events. You may use our various promo truck that has a built-in seating area and complete conference setup. We also have a TV screen inside the truck to provide presentations on your product during the corporate events.

Party rentals

Take your corporate, community and cultural parties at another level with our promo truck in Dubai. Make a statement or just put up a notice during your community parties by renting a promo truck in Dubai.

Shura Advertising has several promo trucks each offering an innovative solution for advanced advertising. Our promo trucks boast super bright outdoor LED displays using high resolution. With advanced pixel technology, the most vivid and detailed picture can be displayed.

Shura Advertising’s digital video trucks can show an unlimited number of images in a slideshow or full motion video files. The technology is fully remote administrated with web-based online access to all display systems.

For more details about our promo trucks or to know the cost of advertising on Dubai promo trucks contact Shura Advertising. Call us on +971 4 3543222 / +971 559480504 or email on [email protected]. You may also log on to