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Advertising and Marketing concepts for Ramadan 2018

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Posted on 2018-May-06

If you are brainstorming on the advertising concepts and marketing campaignsfor Ramadan 2018, then you have landed on the right page!

Thinking of innovative and appealing concepts for any promotional campaign in Dubai or anywhere in the world is essential. However, the brand also needs to communicate with the audience. At Shura Advertising in Dubai, we create customized methods & bespoke solutions to appeal and communicate with your target market.

Here is a list of advertising and marketing campaigns you can make use of to promote your brand this Ramadan 2018:


Be it props, or mockup stands, kiosks, exhibition stands or decoration and embellishments for your branding! During the season of Ramadan 2018 advertising with fabrications work the best! Build up a huge wooden fabrication or metal representation of your brands that create maximum appeal and communicates with the audience.


There are several events and exhibitions in Dubai during the month of Ramadan. Involvement of people in Dubai events also increases in this season. Thus, it can be a great way to be a part such events and engage with the crowd. However, ensure you have an appealing exhibition stand designs and creative event stands to appeal the audience at all time!


A cost-effective and creative way is to greet “Ramadan Kareem”. Let your customers, guests, visitors, target audience know that you are celebrating the season! Make use of our attractive kiosk stands in Dubai as well as banner presentations to wish passersby.


Whether it is a mall; a shopping complex or an outlet – transform a section of the area into majlis (an Arabic sitting arena). Visitors and customers will want to stay in your outlet for a long while, which possibly could lead to a sale! Decorate the majlis with kiosks showcasing your branding or use fabrication services in Dubai to give an authentic vibe as well as deliver the message.

For more such innovative advertising ideas or to transform such marketing ideas into reality contact Shura Advertising. This season of Ramadan 2018, greet and communicate with your audience at its best!