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Three-tips to make your brochure designs stand-out

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Posted on 2018-March-19

A brochure or a booklet acts as an introducer or even a guide to the user of a product or service. corporate brochure designs are usually an amalgamation of exclusive images, dimensional typographies and comprehensive copies that are spread across 20 to 30 pages. However, what makes brochure designs eye-catching is the exceptional designing techniques and creative minds that strive for every brochure to stand-out.

Here are few tips that will make you think outside the box and help you a unique brochure:

TIP 1 – Purpose

Ask yourself why are you creating a brochure? Before putting down the designing terms understand and question the reasons behind implementing brochures. A Corporate Brochure may serve the purpose of introducing clients to the services they provide, while a Product Brochure can be used as a manual to guide users or inform product knowledge. Once you have the purpose known it becomes easier to highlight the specific point and design.

TIP 2 – Stock Taking

Generally, brochure designing companies as well as companies providing brochure printing services – do not consider this point in the initial phase. However, during the production stage, there are several concerns that may arise; such as unavailability of some products, variation in paper materials, dissimilarity in colouring due to the usage of different inks and so on. It is essential that you have enough stock or material that is going to be used for brochures of one brand – difference showcase lack of quality and disparity in the end product.

TIP 3 – First Impression

This is mainly applied to introductory brochure designs – comprehending the stand of the company and designing appropriately is essential for the target to make the first move. For instance: A brochure design of a charity programme needs to be kept moderate in order for the target audience might perceive that institution has spent a lot of money on the brochure, whereas a corporate brochure design of a multinational company needs to be extravagant so that the clients may sense the profligate standard of the company.

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