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Wall Banner Advertising in Dubai

Need an outdoor advertising wall banner that can captivate customers and hold its own against unpredictable weather? Advertising on wall banners at premier locations is a terrific solution for this.

The combination of size, colour, illumination and dynamic interactive content on Shura Advertising’s wall banners demand attention. Come surprise rain or raging sandstorm, our wall banners can withstand freak weather changes and soaring temperatures. This combination makes us one of the best wall banner advertising agencies in Dubai.

Our outdoor advertising banners operate seven days a week for 24 hours a day, generating repeated exposure to regular commuters. Backlit wall banners like ours leave a lasting impression on people’s minds, which translates into more business for you. With Shura Advertising’s strategically-placed wall banners, your brand will be exposed to a high number of potential clients. Our expert marketing team helps you get the best locations for outdoor wall banner advertising in Dubai. And what’s better than the arterial Sheikh Zayed Road?

The 46-storey Nassima Tower building is situated right across the iconic Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. But what catches your attention the most about the building are the large and creative wall banner ads. By advertising on Nassima Tower, your company’s ad campaign is also picked up by all the Dubai Metro’s Red Line commuters.

Our state-of-the-art technology does not block or affect the view from within the building, while managing to create a stunning display on the façade. Our wall banners are perfect mediums through which you can inform people about forthcoming events or exhibitions, special offers and sales. To make those on the go interested in your products, use wall banners for advertising.

Shura Advertising is an all-inclusive outdoor banner advertising agency in Dubai. We offer all the services related to outdoor advertising, right from idea conceptualisation, designing and art work to installation of the wall banner. For the most competitive wall banners advertising rates, call us today or visit us at our office.

Our advertising banner is located on Nassima Tower, the best wall banners advertising location on the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road.


  • It’s a mass medium, capable of making a quick impact.
  • Generates high level of repeat exposure for regular commuters.
  • Hard to miss from seven south-facing lanes of Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • Visible from Dubai red line metro.
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