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If you want to drive your sales through the roof at minimum costs, vehicle wraps and promo van advertising in Dubai is the way to go. Our innovative, attractive and cost-effective mobile billboards will grab people’s attention wherever they go.

Shura Advertising’s promo vans take your brand to every neighbourhood for maximum market penetration. We use effective technology even while advertising on vehicles. So we provide high-definition mobile LED truck advertising features on our vehicles, on which advertisements can be raised to or positioned at any desirable height.

Unlike a lot of other advertising mediums, through vehicle wrapping and car wrapping in Dubai, we can put your message wherever you want it and whenever you want it. Now, you can get into your competitors’ home base as well as high-profile locations that have a large number of potential buyers, using Shura Advertising’s car wrapping advertising option.

These mobile advertising units help companies cast a wider net and are designed to reach targeted locations at specific times – around business centres during lunch time or around schools when children are leaving. Vehicle graphics in Dubai, offered by Shura Advertising, are ideal for targeting locations such as exhibitions and events with specific messages and calls to action. The memorable and fun advertising images and brilliant colours on our advertising vehicles will easily attract the attention of other road users.

Vehicle wraps in Dubai are known to have the lowest cost-per-impression than any other form of outdoor advertising format. Vehicle wraps work for you 24 hours for all 365 days and a single vehicle wrap can generate about 50,000 daily impressions.

Promo vans not only advertise in one place, but moving units expand your reach and take your branding outside your usual region. Our fleet includes P8 LED advertising-compatible trucks, which can be employed in Sharjah and on the Dubai border and also come with back lighting for visibility at night and winter evenings.

Our customised vehicle graphics, side panels and wraps will turn heads, all day and night, with each and every travel. We offer the most competitive vehicle wraps advertising rates in Dubai. So go ahead and accelerate your sales growth with Shura Advertising’s promo van advertising in Dubai.


  • Reaches a larger audience more often.
  • More impact with highest coverage and less money.
  • Bypasses restrictions like those on billboards.
  • Location can be selected by you.
  • Ideal for exhibitions and events with specific messages and calls to action.
  • Mobile LED display on trucks can be raised for maximum impact.
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