Lightbox Icon Lightboxes for Outdoor Advertising in Dubai – UAE

Lightbox Advertising - an illuminated full-screen canvas, serves as an impactful form of outdoor advertising to promote brands. These LED Light Box displays allow you to insert a spectacular piece of content into a scalable ad unit ensuring engagement with the target audience.

Lightbox Outdoor Advertising Dubai lightboxes are not only a convenient choice of outdoor advertising but also result as an effective, durable and affordable form of communication – recognizing this, Shura Advertising presents unique and creative outdoor light box advertising prospects in the well-known locations around the city.

Even though advertising light boxes are the most traditional forms of outdoor advertising, they have been gaining a lot of demand from the large retail chains as well as big brands. This is due to the progressive technological implications, advanced printing techniques, and fabrication methods – that are used by Shura Advertising in creating a masterpiece for your brand.

Our Light Box signs in Dubai, are magnificently lit with bright guiding panels ensuring round-the-clock visibility. Moreover, we also make an extra effort with regards to the installing as well as concealing of the material within the box, so that these LED slim light boxes are presented perfectly. With professional installation done by a team of experienced fabricators, we ensure quality in service.

Shura’s light box advertising are sleek, elegant and personify the brand message in an effective manner. Shura Advertising offers clients various inventive designs of light boxes in the prominent locations of Dubai. To know more please contact our creative experts now!


  • Delivers exceptional round-the-clock Out-Of-Home visibility.
  • Your brand will be splashed all over UAE on high-definition 8” LED screens, visible from three feet away.
  • Congested Outdoor Light Box Advertising locations extend the level of prominence.
  • Establishes solid brand awareness as well as recall value.
  • High quality, double-sided frame offers multipurpose Outdoor advertising avenues.
  • LED lights consume less energy than standard fluorescent tubes.
  • Ideal for displaying outdoor adverts, posters and offers.

To know more about Dubai lightboxes or various other forms of outdoor advertising in Dubai, UAE – contact Shura Advertising.