Outdoor Billboard Advertising in Dubai

Outdoor Billboard Advertising in Dubai is what you need if you want to reach just about everyone. Billboards are big, enticing and reach a large audience.

Thanks to Dubai's traffic jams, a modern customer spends as much time, if not more, in their cars as they do watching television or reading newspapers or browsing the web. This makes outdoor media advertising in Dubai the most effective medium to reach potential clients.

Billboard advertising grabs the attention of those on the go and offers best visibility not only because of the sheer size of the billboards, but also because they provide room for creative extensions and embellishments. If you want to establish strong brand awareness and get noticed, three-dimensional outdoor billboard advertising in Dubai is the way to go.

Our lightbox advertisements are known for their quality and memorable visuals. We cater to all budgets and our affordable rates makes partnering with Shura Advertising for your ad campaign a smart choice for you. We offer all-in-one packages for outdoor advertising, which means, we provide the content, design and also fabricate and install the billboard.

Our outdoor advertising location next to Belhoul European Hospital on 2nd of December Street gets your ad campaign high retention as the area sees high traffic congestion. An average of 450,000 vehicles enter Dubai daily, according to studies conducted by Dubai Road and Transport Authority. So tap into this audience today with Shura Advertising! What’s even better for businesses planning to use advertising billboards in Dubai is that the number of vehicles could reach 2.22 million by 2020, thereby increasing your ad campaign’s reach.

If you want to know the latest Dubai billboard advertising rates and launch an affordable ad campaign, Shura Advertising is the right place for you


  • Illuminated lightboxes can be seen at all times, from great distances.
  • Establishes strong brand awareness by reaching large audiences.
  • With affordable, dynamic and creative billboards, your brand outshines all.
  • Draw attention of thousands of people on Dubai roads daily.
  • People had a 28% higher propensity to look something up, buy something or talk about the ad, if exposed to an outdoor advertisement as opposed to ads in other media, and outdoor advertisements drove considerably more mobile search as well, a recent study by consumer insight company COG research has found.
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