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The digital media is getting a whole lot bigger in Dubai, and when Shura Advertising was asked about the implication and expansion of digital media on Dubai’s Advertising sector, here what we had to say.

Yasmeen Siddiqui, Chairperson of Shura Advertising speaking to Gulf News said, “Decade ago high-rise structures were wrapped with advertisements, while now-a-days the trend seems to be getting digital. She further noted that mega-screens as billboards are dominating the market and have been increasingly in demand.

Stating the figures, Ms. Yasmeen said, “Shura Advertising recently installed a 207 square-meter screen near The Dubai Mall metro – covering a large market from road traffic on the Sheikh Zayed Road, metro-users from the connective metros, shopper from the mall, local pedestrians, etc. She also mentioned to Gulf News that the Dubai Mall screen is the third largest advertising screen billboard stretching up to 207 square-meters in the city.”

Offering the visibility at a prime location - Shura’s mega-screen or even known as LED Billboard is definitely a fastest growing platform to gain prominence.

Shura Advertising accentuates on digital media on Gulf News

Read the Complete Article on Gulf News to Know How Visuals Are Spoken Better Than Words:

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