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Lightbox Icon Light Box Advertising Location in Dubai – UAE

Outdoor Advertising are region-oriented advertising methods – that does not only help in building your brand in a specific neighborhood but also servers a large visibility across the city. Thus, Shura Advertising has you covered with prominent locations for outdoor lightbox advertising.

The outdoor lightbox advertising locations are as follows:

Mazaya Center, Sheikh Zayed Road

Shura offers you the best location for LED Light Boxes in Dubai. Our Sheikh Zayed Road light boxes, located at the Mazaya Center delivers over 500,000 spectators per day. The bilateral Out-Of-Home Advertising light boxes, serve the two-way traffic – stretching from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Not just the motorists on the highway or the pedestrians around Mazaya Center, but the light boxes also cover the viewership of the metro passenger – as it is positioned right next to the Dubai Metro Red-Line. The Dubai Canal and the symbolic Burj-Khalifa situated close-by, also delivers the eminence of the location.

Mazaya Center Sheikh Zayed Road Lightbox Advertising

Media: 4 x Billboards
Size(s): 8m H x 16m W

Umm Huraira Road, Karama

Out-Of-Home Advertising light boxes at Umm Huraira Road are placed in the congested locales of Karama. These outdoor display advertising options, deliver a large number of eye balls and also acts as a reminder for the potential customers – creating an effective brand recall. The two-faced rooftops are located – one facing Al Maktoum bridge that leads towards Sharjah and the other from Al Maktoum bridge towards Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Downtown.

Moreover, the crowded area on the south side of Dubai Creek aids to the level of visibility for these lightbox advertisements.

Umm Huraira Road Karama Lightbox Advertising

Media: 2 x Billboards
Size(s): 8m H x 16m W

To find out more on the locations or to request a location map – contact Shura Advertising.