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LED Screen Advertising in Dubai

Showcase your brand in the most engaging way using LED screen advertising in Dubai that allows you to use the highest quality, next-generation LED technology. Advertising on our first-of-its-kind Macropix P15 DIP outdoor LED screen will get Dubai talking about you. Shura Advertising’s interactive, high-definition outdoor LED display advertisement is the only thing that acts like a speed-breaker for excited shoppers walking towards Dubai Mall. Our outdoor advertising LED screen is placed atop Sofitel Dubai. It has a large interactive outdoor LED screen advertisement visible to a captive audience using the walkway from Burj Khalifa metro station to Dubai Mall. A rough estimate puts the daily viewership of this advertisement at 30,000-40,000. This way, we offer a record-breaking dwell time of 240-300 seconds for your LED ad campaign.

With the length of 23 meter and a height of 9 meter, our LED signage is the most technically-advanced outdoor LED screen in UAE. This format allows you to manage and alter the dynamic content at any time, as well as enables you to engage better with the audience. You can also display multiple images and messages, making LED screen advertising in Dubai the most cost-effective medium to reach potential clients. Thanks to the mesh technology, the LED display advertising board allows air to pass through it and reduces the need for air-conditioning to keep the LED components productive. This also makes it the eco-friendliest advertising LED signage in Dubai. Mesh LED screens allow for see-through and are ideal for installations on building facades. Shura Advertising’s LED display screen advertising location on Sofitel Dubai is one of the best outdoor advertising locations in Dubai, owing to its presence on Sheikh Zayed Road. This LED advertising screen is active 16 hours a day, and coincides with the mall’s timings. We guarantee that you will not find a better quality LED screen in Dubai than our Milan-made one.

LED Screen Consultants

Outdoor advertising in Dubai does not involve the mechanism and creative of the advertising industry but is also subjected to several other formalities and approvals. Shura Advertising houses LED screen consultants in Dubai that aid you through all the sanctions and approvals required to advertise in UAE. From site inspection to getting your designs in order, arranging suppliers for other advertising location in UAE to installation as well as maintenance of those LED Screens – Shura Advertising can do it all! At Shura Advertising, we also ensure you have the necessary certifications required for LED screen operations such as the consent of the municipality, RTA approval, etc.

We offer the most competitive LED screen advertising rates, best LED display screen advertising proposals, provide you with exclusive consultation services on LED screens, places to advertise and regulations involved in the Emirates.

Why opt for Shura's LED Screen Advertising or their consultation services:

  • One of the highest, 288 sq-metre high-definition LED screens in Dubai.
  • First-of-its-kind award-winning Macropix LED screen in Dubai.
  • Record-breaking dwell time of 4-5 minutes.
  • Visible to captive audience of 30,000-40,000 per day.
  • Several messages can be displayed simultaneously using dynamic videos.
  • Alteration and updating content on LED display board can be done easily and often.
  • Italian-make assures best quality and longest-lasting LED advertising screen in Dubai.
  • Advanced mesh technology requires no air-conditioning, lets air and light pass through.
  • LED consultation services is time efficient, saves money and gets approvals at an instant.
  • Site inspection, installation & coordination is convenient with LED consultation services.
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