IT Services

We create, innovate and expand through Shura’s IT Services in Dubai

IT Services

A major part of advertising in today’s world is on the world wide web and Shura Advertising comprehends that gathering such a specific target audience through various IT related services in Dubai is a must. Shura Advertising is a single point of solution for all your advertising and IT requirements. With Shura Advertising’s comprehensive IT services you can increase the productivity and profitability of your company, which in turn also effects the progress of your brand. Our IT specialist ensure that your every necessity with regards to various IT services such as digital marketing, hosting of websites, IT AMCs and AMCs for websites, etc. are offered at the best of its proficiency and at affordable prices.


Digital Marketing

Shura Advertising has been conquering the digital media channel through our digital marketing services in Dubai, UAE.

All-in-One Websites

Shura Advertising offers wide-ranging features through All in One Website packages, that includes up-to-date web designs as well as futuristic communication tactics.

Website Development

Shura Advertising delivers immense focus on website efficiency including the visual appeal through our website development and website design services in Dubai, UAE.

Register Domain

Register the domain name of your website as per your preference with Shura Advertising.

Web Hosting

For the most reliable website hosting services in Dubai with suitable standings, swift and easier processing, get you website hosted with Shura Advertising.

Email Hosting

We at Shura Advertising offer email hosting in Dubai that are fully compatible with various devices and versions of mobile phones and computers.

Dedicated Servers

Shura is well-versed with hosting varied websites and recognize that huge websites need complete attention with dedicated servers.


Shura believes in offering 360-degree facilities, thus bids on a wide range of IT AMC services in Dubai so that you can maintain all your IT needs under one-roof!

Website AMC

Shura Advertising provides AMC for websites in Dubai, UAE to keep the website up-to-date, apply recent updates and to ensure that the website is error-free at all times.

Mobile Apps Development

Shura Advertising bids on mobile APP development to make sure that every aspect of consumer identification and accessibility is catered.


Shura offers easy to navigate e-commerce websites that initiate integrated business model and instant gratification through sales.