Human Billboard

Human Billboards Advertising in Dubai, UAE

Shura Human Billboards Advertising in Dubai and all over UAE – are innovative advertisements techniques used to get up-close and personal with the target audience and deliver the message, like no other advertising medium.

Human Billboard also known as Walking Billboards or Backpack Billboards are backlit advertising board that are interactive in nature. These Human Billboard signs can be worn by promoters, who move towards your target audience or in a speculated location – such as city centers, malls, busy streets, events, exhibitions, theme parks or areas with limited access in an engaging and creative manner.

Our Human Billboard come with interactive creative and inventive technological implementation that allow a fruitful network with customers. Moreover, our Human Billboards Advertising offer an extended brand recall in an easy, effective and affordable manner.

Shura Advertising’s Human Billboard has a large display area of 130cm that provides high visibility from all angles. Our new innovative advertising format are combined with energy efficient illumination that are portable, well-designed and light-weighted backpack billboard.

We also offer illuminated Human Billboard at Shura Advertising that are ecofriendly, mobile, interactive, specifically targeted, creative, flexible as well as adaptive. So call our artistic experts and known more about Shura Human Billboards in Dubai, those are a perfect way to advertise anywhere, anytime – day or night.

Why opt for Shura’s Human Billboard Advertising:

  • An Inventive advertising technique that helps direct engagement
  • Also called walking billboards and backpack billboards due to ease of portability
  • Interactive, energy-efficient and ecofriendly way to advertise
  • Large display, backlit advertising and LED screens makes it more appealing
  • Human Billboard provide with an unswerving networking

To know more about Human Billboard or various other forms of outdoor advertising in Dubai, UAE – contact Shura Advertising.

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