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Capture your audience’s attention and engage them for long periods while keeping them cool. All this is only possible with Shura Advertising’s bus shelter advertising in Dubai. Shelters give consumers something to look at while they wait for the bus, making them particularly effective for advertising your brand.

Shura Advertising’s bus shelters offer great eye-level visibility to drivers, pedestrians and bus commuters. This format of advertising provides the highest brand recall as a lot of people are going to notice your ad campaign more than once, because people usually take the same route to their offices and homes.

If you plan to do business locally or target local customers or a particular demographic, advertising on bus shelters in Dubai is the best way to do it.

And the greatest part about partnering with Shura Advertising is that we can provide you with any number of bus stop shelters on Dubai’s high traffic roadways, around densely populated residential areas, and around major markets with high footfall. With backlit ad campaigns, your advertisements remain thoroughly illuminated round the clock and offer good publicity.  With three-dimensional extensions, your bus stop advertisements can have a dramatic impact on your potential clients and become the next trending hashtag on Twitter.

You can also have multiple panels or scrolling bus shelter ads to provide maximum information about your products, all at one place and to a captive audience. With Shura Advertising’s creative bus stop ads on premier bus station advertising locations across Dubai, your ad will be impossible to forget and too good to resist.

Shura Advertising’s bus stop shelter advertising provides your brand the maximum eye-catch on Dubai streets! With eye-catching designs and omnipresence in Dubai, we make sure that slow-moving traffic and hundreds of people, held captive by red lights at the many Dubai traffic signals, see and know your brand. We offer the most competitive bus stop advertising rates in the Emirates.


  • We provide most cost-effective ad positions for bus shelters.
  • Illumination makes advertisements visible 24 hours a day.
  • Noticeable to moving traffic, bus commuters and pedestrians.
  • Better dwell time than any other format.
  • Effective cost-per-eyeball.
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