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Advertising locations in Dubai

Stay on top of people's minds and above the competition by showcasing your brand in top advertising locations in Dubai! Shura Advertising gets your ad campaign the most eyeballs, with some of the best outdoor advertising locations in Dubai and UAE. For the best exposure, Shura Advertising has targeted the best Dubai Advertising locations - arterial and highly-congested roads as advertising locations for out-of-home advertising in Dubai.

Shura Advertising experts will tell you where to advertise in Dubai for the best coverage and brand recall, so you find your brand splashed across important advertising locations in Dubai.

Nassima Tower - Sheikh Zayed Road

Nassima Tower

Sheikh Zayed Road

Al Diyafah St - Al Satwa

Al Diyafah Street

Al Satwa

We have ad space on Sheikh Zayed Road, 2nd December Street (Al Diyafah) and Al Khail Road to showcase our clients’ advertising campaigns. On the Sheikh Zayed Road, Shura Advertising brings you two Top advertising locations - Nassima Tower near World Trade Centre, as well as Sofitel Dubai near Dubai Mall. Sheikh Zayed Road, the longest road in the Emirates, forms the main artery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The highway has seven to eight lanes in each direction and sees high traffic congestion at all times. So our wall banner on Nassima Tower is seen by thousands of commuters, driving on the south-facing lanes of Sheikh Zayed Road as well as those using the Dubai Metro’s Red line.

Our digital outdoor advertising screen atop Sofitel Dubai directly faces the 820-metre long, elevated air-conditioned footbridge, which connects the Burj Khalifa Metro Station to Dubai Mall. Advertising on this multi-media-compatible screen gets you a record-breaking 250-300- second dwell time.

Shura Advertising also covers two other busy roads in Dubai- 2nd of December Street and Al Khail Road. Our outdoor advertising location next to Belhoul European Hospital on 2nd of December Street, gets your ad campaign immense visibility as the area sees high traffic congestion. This historic street is packed with eateries, shopping and leisure areas and sees high footfall at all times, making it one of the best locations for Dubai outdoor advertising.

Strategically-placed advertisements on the best advertising locations in Dubai provides your brand and product line the best dwell time in the Emirates! So don't get lost in the crowd, be the advertisement the crowd stops for, using Shura Advertising’s great locations for outdoor advertising in Dubai! With Shura Advertising, you can hope for the cost for advertising in Dubai and UAE’s best advertising locations to be the most competitive.

Sofitel - Dubai Mal


Dubai Mall

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