About Us

We are a vibrant Advertising Agency in Dubai offering vast advertising campaigns & marketing strategies.

Welcome to Shura Advertising!

Shura Advertising is a well-known and recognized advertising company in Dubai, established in the year 2015. We at Shura Advertising aim to combines great style, compelling content, state-of-the-art technology, innovative ideas and ground-breaking design. In the past years, we have worked with major traditional advertising – that include print ads and banner advertising as well as digitalized projects such as innovative fabrication, LED Screens in Dubai and Digital Marketing projects.

Shura Advertising closely works with our partners at every stage to deliver exciting and lasting campaigns for various brands. We offer cost-effective and affordable advertising in Dubai. We understand the importance of an integrated creative branding module and promote solid advertising opportunities, revolutionized branding concepts, innovative designs and prints that reshape your brand image. Shura Advertising also optimizes your branding and marketing requirements with a number of creative collaterals. This includes fabrication projects for events and exhibitions in Dubai, banner advertising, inventive LED screen truck advertising and so much more! Shura’s thorough market research and analytical skills help us know the trends and interests of your customers, that further enables us to create the right platform.

Innovation that will blow your mind!

Shura Advertising’s creativity and minimalistic designs increase your brand’s recall value. But we do not conform to a genre of design, we adapt to the needs of our clients and the market. Shura aims to defy existing advertising strategies and put out ads that will really strike at the competition. We aspire to rise above the crowd and captivate the imagination of your potential customers, that will literally blow their minds!

Breaking the conventional

Shura Advertising does not only strive to become the largest media buying and advertising agency in Dubai. Instead we endeavor to break conventional forms of advertising and become an advertising agency in Dubai that gets the city talking, through our revolutionary advertising strategies. We promise that an advertising campaign constructed by Shura Advertising will make even your biggest competitors your die-hard fans. For a glimpse into our fun world, contact Shura Advertising today!

The only Dubai advertising company that has it all!

Whether you want to be the first thing that people see on their mobile phones or the biggest distraction while people drive around the city, Shura Advertising has you covered! Our strategically-planned and placed advertisements on the best advertising locations in Dubai provides your brand massive prominence in the Emirates. We offer digital advertising techniques; newspaper and magazine advertisements; indoor and outdoor advertising in Dubai; various kinds of Print advertisements, TV and Radio advertising channels; cost-effective media buying plans and everything that you would need for your advertising campaign!

Why Shuraa?

  • We showcase your brand in the best way, enabling you to reach potential customers in Dubai.
  • Our Dubai marketing solutions allow to target large audiences, ensuring maximum brand recall.
  • We offer leading technology, advanced marketing and exclusive advertising techniques in Dubai.
  • We also assist you with modernized printing techniques that will display your brand better.
  • We deliver quality service to our clients and collaborate with them for maximum impact.
  • We have a trained & innovative engineering team offering innovative advertising measures.
  • We get you maximum coverage at highly-affordable rates & cheap advertising budgets in Dubai.
  • We offer comprehensive packages – be it advertising, branding, designing, printing, website and digital marketing, etc.
  • Shura Advertising assist you through the process of conceptualization, installation and monitoring feedback of any brand engaging activity you indulge.

To find out more information about Shura Advertising, checkout our creative artworks, past branding campaigns or advertising strategies. So, what are you waiting for! Get your brand splashed across the city of Dubai, contact Shura Advertising today!

Our Services

Shura Advertising offers advertisements that broadcast your brand story all over Dubai. We inspire conversations among potential clients and arouse envy and admiration among your competitors. Shura knows the importance of advertising and offers impact-making advertising services in Dubai. We help you to take your brand to every door step, beyond the traditional advertising methods and transform your clients’ purchasing behavior. Our media buying and advertising services in Dubai don’t just stop at designing and displaying, but we also monitor, measure and offer permissions from the judicial departments for advertising in Dubai.


Advertise on wheels and tour around the city with Shura Advertising’s innovative mobile advertising billboards in Dubai.

LED Screen Consultant

Get the best LED screen in Dubai at the right location with the perfect creatives and content with Shura’s LED screen consultants.


Shura Advertising provides with appealing fabrication designs and conventional fabrication material in Dubai.

Creative Branding

Our distinctive approach enables us to create an innovative and creative branding for your company. Other advertisements are artistic and outstands the perceived brand experience.


Shura Advertising masters the art of digital printing as well as offset printing in Dubai, with creative designs, we ensure to put forwards the finest!

Digital Marketing

Shura Advertising offers interactive, attractive and inventive digital ideas and digitalized advertising services in Dubai and across UAE.