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Welcome to Shura Advertising!

We are a vibrant and dynamic Advertising Agency created to serve Dubai and the wider United Arab Emirates.

Advertising combines great style and compelling content with state-of-the-art technology. We do this by sticking to the basics – clear ideas and innovative design. We work closely with our partners at every stage to deliver exciting and lasting campaigns for all strategies and budgets. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of an integrated branding module and promote solid advertising opportunities, revolutionized branding concepts, innovative designs and prints that reshape your brand image. Shura also optimizes your web developmental requirements along with designing, hosting, etc. Our thorough research of the market, help us know the trends choices and interests the customer would make, which we use to our advantage. We also strive to make our client’s brand memorable. Our ad campaigns make the target audience to sojourn and be the first to get their hands on your brand. We make our advertisements enticing through its design and content. We go a step further and employ the best technology and showcase your brand on premier locations in Dubai.

Shura Advertising’s creative and minimalistic designs increase your brand’s recall value. But we do not conform to a particular genre of design, we adapt to the needs of our clients and the market. We aim to defy existing advertising strategies and put out ads that will really strike at the competition. We aspire to rise above the crowd and captivate the imagination of your potential customers. We do not aim to become the largest outdoor advertising agency in Dubai, we endeavour, instead, to become the advertising agency that gets Dubai talking, through our revolutionary advertising and branding strategies. We promise you ad campaigns that will make even your biggest competitors your die-hard fans. For a glimpse into our fun world, contact Shura Advertising today!

Why Shura?

  • We bring you leading-edge technology and advanced outdoor advertising formats, some of which we are exclusive partners for, in UAE.
  • We are passionate about showcasing your brand in the best way, enabling you to reach potential customers in Dubai – one the world’s fastest-developing cities.
  • We offer comprehensive packages, catering to all your outdoor advertising needs as well as branding, designing, printing, website and IT needs.
  • We get you maximum coverage in Dubai at highly-affordable rates.
  • We also assist you with modernized printing techniques that will display your brand better.
  • We have a trained engineering team that provides technical support at the outdoor advertising locations.
  • We deliver quality service to our clients and collaborate with them extensively for maximum impact.
  • Our high visibility solutions allow our partners to target large audiences, ensuring maximum brand recall.
  • Shura Advertising assist you through the process of conceptualization, installation and monitoring feedback of any brand engaging activity you indulge.
  • In 82 percent of out-of-home advertising exposures, consumers reported positive emotions on purchase considerations within 30 minutes, according to a study released by Outdoor Advertising Association of America in 2015. The study was done to find the best type of advertising to connect with consumers closer to a point of purchase and OOH advertising emerged as the winner. You still need a reason? The call us now!
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